• Residents shocked over costly Casselberry water bills


    CASSELBERRY, Fla. - Some neighbors in Seminole County are getting outrageous water bills. One family was charged for using 370,000 gallons in one month.

    They live near the country club, at the Deer Run golf course.

    Erin Reynolds' December water bill was $5,100, for nearly 400,000 gallons of water.

    "I couldn't even speak, I was so shocked," said Reynolds.

    In February she received a bill for more than $1,000. She said the city blames her.

    "They didn't have any solution except to say we left a hose on, or something like that," said Reynolds.

    On Monday the city checked the Reynolds' water meter and said it is operating properly.

    City officials said four public works officials checked the system.

    Reynolds isn't the only one on her street with high water bills. The house next door received bills for $500 and $400 over the past two months.

    Her neighbors across the street have seen their bills double.

    "It's obvious to me. It's not obvious to them. They treat you like, 'Hey this is happening every day of the week,'" said resident Bill Aldinger. .

    Casselberry City Manager James Newlon said a $6,000 spike is extremely rare.

    "I suspect, yes, it's a shock to see something like that come in the mail," said Newlon.

    Reynolds said the city suggested she came up with an excuse, so the city can write off the spike. She said it is something she is not comfortable doing, but might be forced to do.

    City officials don't think neighbors' bill spikes are related.

    "But we do believe that this was an event that our meters measured accurately. We want to work with the customer to find relief that fairly reflects what has occurred," said Newlon.

    The city of Casselberry told WFTV's Steve Barrett that if a customer has an explanation for excessive water use, a bill could be reduced to about $500.


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    Residents shocked over costly Casselberry water bills