• Russian craft docks with space station after delay


    LOS ANGELES - Russian spacecraft ferrying three astronauts has docked at the International Space Station after a delay.
    The Soyuz craft linked up with the orbiting outpost Thursday evening.
    It blasted off from Kazakhstan on Wednesday local time for what was supposed to be a six-hour "fast track" to the space station. But an engine burn intended to adjust the craft's path never occurred, delaying its arrival.
    The American and two Russians on board were not in danger.
    Since the shuttle's retirement, NASA has relied on the Russians to transport astronauts. It has a contract with two private companies including SpaceX to carry cargo and eventually astronauts.
    NASA says SpaceX's fourth supply run to the space station set for Sunday has been postponed because of a problem at the Florida launch site.

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    Russian craft docks with space station after delay

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