• Sanford's battle with brick streets continues


    SANFORD, Fla. - Some of Sanford's brick streets are coming apart again and the city must spend money to repair three roads around the historic district.

    Bonnie Siriani loves the brick streets in Sanford's historic district. She said they are one of the reasons she lives there.

    "It's the old country-type charm I guess you would say, from years ago," said Siriani.

    But every time the city lays down bricks those bricks eventually pop back up or crack, and city workers have to fix them.

    The latest repairs are along Magnolia Street, Oak Avenue and Ninth Street. The cost is $45,000.

    "They are just wasting taxpayers' monies on redoing these roads when it's not doing no good, when they could just save money and pave the roads," said Seminole County resident Gloria Irizarry.

    Asphalt costs around $11 per square yard to install.  Bricks are roughly $14 per square yard. City officials said the bricks are worth it because they slow drivers down.

    Last year Sanford spent $1 million installing new brick streetscapes along Magnolia Street and Palmetto Avenue.

    The city also spent $3 million to re-brick First Street. Just nine months later, the bricks started coming loose and workers had to fix them.

    "They are quite bumpy.  I would think it would be easier to just pave the roads," said Irizarry.

    Siriani said she thinks even if the bricks do break or shift, their charm attracts tourists and brings in business.

    "Any type of improvement down here is fantastic," said Siriani.

    City officials told WFTV's Tim Barber they are hoping to have the three streets repaired by October.

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    Sanford's battle with brick streets continues