• Security company suing George Zimmerman, attorney


    SEMINOLE COUNTY, Fla. - The head of a security company that provided bodyguards for George Zimmerman is suing Zimmerman and his attorney.

    Bodyguard Chris Rumbaugh said Zimmerman attorney Mark O'Mara wanted around-the-clock security for his client. He said that O'Mara wanted a two-man detail to watch over Zimmerman.

    Zimmerman will stand trial for the shooting death of 19-year-old Trayvon Martin.

    Rumbaugh told WFTV's Kenneth Craig that he warned O'Mara that the cost of that type of security would add up.

    "What he was calling for was overkill. I was very clear about that. I told him, 'This is going to be a ... very costly event,'" said Rumbaugh.

    According to court documents, Zimmerman's legal team paid $40,000 for the services, but Rumbaugh and his attorney claim O'Mara stopped paying the bills when Zimmerman's defense fund started running out.

    Rumbaugh said O'Mara and Zimmerman owe him just more than $27,000.

    "Let's remember that Mr. O'Mara is an experienced trial lawyer. If you hire an investigator, you will receive a bill," said Stephen Milbrath, Rumbaugh's attorney.

    O'Mara told WFTV that he fired the company because he felt they were overbilling Zimmerman for services he didn't need anymore.

    Both sides acknowledge they never signed a written agreement. But the bodyguard says O'Mara made him a promise, and he believed him.

    "It's no different than you hiring someone to build a house and then as you're building the house, 'Well, let's put this kitchen in, let's put this bathroom in,' then when it's all done you say, 'Well, that's a big bill.' Well, you're the one who ordered the kitchen, you're the one who ordered the bathroom. And that's why the bill is what it is," said Rumbaugh.

    O'Mara told WFTV that Zimmerman's former security team was charging up to $10,000 a week. He said he now has a new security team that only costs about $700 a week.

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    Security company suing George Zimmerman, attorney