• Teen bitten by shark in Ormond Beach shows injuries to WFTV


    ORMOND BEACH, Fla. - Channel 9 talked with a 17-year-old Daytona Beach high school football player who was bitten by a shark while swimming in Ormond Beach on Monday.

    Raushod Floyd, a wide receiver on the Seabreeze High School Sandcrabs football team, was wading in the water when the shark bit him on the shoulder, officials said.

    Floyd spoke with Channel 9 on Tuesday, his arm in a sling, saying he'll now think twice about swimming in the ocean.

    Floyd said the shark hit him harder than other players have hit him on the gridiron.

    "I just, I felt like the wave come up, like bringing me upward, and I just felt the shark hit me in the throat and I fell back in the water," Floyd said.

    Floyd was taken to Halifax Medical Center, where he received 30 stitches to close the wound.

    A friend of the teen told Channel 9 that the football team had just finished practice, and some of the members decided to go for a swim.

    Beach officials said Floyd was wading in waist-high water when the shark bit him.

    "Took his shoulder, bit his whole shoulder," said witness Judy Geiger.

    Officials with Volusia County Beach Safety Ocean Rescue said they're unsure what kind of shark bit the teen or how big it was.

    Floyd, showing off the wound, said he believes the shark was large enough to do more damage than it did.

    Swimmers in the area said they saw a school of bait fish and suspected danger could be lurking close by.

    "You never know when they're going to attack," said witness Tim Phillips.

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