• Shoppers hit stores for Black Friday frenzy in Central Fla.


    ORLANDO, Fla. - The cool weather didn't keep shoppers in Central Florida from standing outside for hours for Black Friday.

    Huge crowds of people lined up early to get in on the bargains.

    Many shoppers started their Black Friday shopping on Thursday this year.

    Some people slept in tents for five days, waiting in line for the best deals.

    Meanwhile, at the Premier Outlet stores on International Drive, most stores didn't wait until midnight to open.

    By 6 a.m. Friday, some people had already been shopping for more than 12 hours -- buying everything from bags of clothes to big ticket electronics.

    "We do it every year and we look forward to it every year," said shopper Clara Watson.

    Some shoppers said it was less about the deals and more about the thrill of being out on Black Friday, seeing the crowds and sharing in the experience.

    A shopper at the Florida Mall said she shops on Black Friday every year and this year, it was the biggest crowd she's seen at the mall.

    At an Orlando Best Buy, shoppers did not waste any time to get the big deals, and many said they sacrificed their Thanksgiving to do it.

    It's almost like a starting pistol went off outside the store at midnight. Shoppers quickly entered the store, grabbing carts and electronics.

    "It's the first thing we're looking for. We're looking for the Xbox 360," said shopper Timothy Garrett.

    Some shoppers said they saw plenty of aggressive behavior.

    Jackie Wyman described what she witnessed, "Pushing, shoving to get by places, mad about the wait in lines, things like that."

    But many shoppers said the long lines, crowded stores and frustration were all worth it to get some of their holiday shopping done and save a few dollars.

    "It's definitely, definitely, definitely worth it … definitely," said shopper Linda Smith.

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    Shoppers hit stores for Black Friday frenzy in Central Fla.