Sister of woman accused of helping Markeith Loyd hide arrested

ORLANDO, Fla. — The sister of a woman accused of helping an alleged police killer is behind bars on suspicion of battery and criminal mischief.

It’s unclear if Jasmine Slaughter's battery arrest has anything to do with the search for suspected killer Markeith Loyd.

A judge ordered Jasmine Slaughter to turn in her weapons Monday morning. She bonded out of jail about 8:30 p.m.

She’s facing charges of battery involving one of her sisters, but it’s not known which sister.

Her older sister, Jameis Slaughter, is jailed on a half-million- dollar bail for allegedly helping Loyd elude officers.

Jasmine Slaughter’s bail was set at $750, citing no serious criminal history.

Jameis Slaughter is Loyd's ex-girlfriend and the woman detectives said was spotted near the Walmart where Loyd allegedly gunned down Orlando police Master Sgt. Debra Clayton.

In Jameis Slaughter’s arrest affidavit, detectives detailed how Loyd visited her sister’s house and said law enforcement officers would have to kill him before he went back to prison.

It’s unclear if Jasmine Slaughter is the sister referenced.

Jameis Slaughter is a twin, and initially told investigators they had the wrong sister when they picked her up.

She is also facing charges of lying about her identity.

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She is one in a series of arrests related to the manhunt for Loyd. His niece, Lakensha Smith-Loyd, knows Loyd’s whereabouts and picked up money for him from his former employer at Texas Fried Chicken, detectives said.

The employer, Zarghee Mayan, is behind bars because detectives said he fed Loyd while Loyd was on the run and for turned over $200 that was owed to Loyd while he was on the run for Sade Dixon’s death.

Dixon, Loyd’s pregnant ex-girlfriend, was shot and killed outside her home last month. Investigators had been looking for Loyd since Dixon’s death.

Channel 9 requested the arrest affidavit for Jasmine Slaughter to find out if the arrest is in any was related to Loyd, but there’s been a delay due to the holiday.