• Sony sues 4 Orlando stores, claim stores illegally used its name


    ORLANDO, Fla. - Electronics powerhouse Sony has slapped four local stores with a lawsuit, claiming the stores illegally used its name.

    A Sony sign outside of Discount Cameras and Computers might lead some to believe the store was owned by Sony, but that isn't the case, said Channel 9's Jeff Deal.

    The store simply sells electronics in the tourist area of Kissimmmee.

    Discount Cameras and Computers is just one of four local stores, all in tourist areas, that the Sony Corporation is suing for trademark infringement.

    Owner Mauricio Martinez said he's seen the signs on other businesses and didn't think there was problem using Sony on his sign.

    "To be honest, (we) never tell anybody this is a Sony dealer," said Martinez.

    Sony believes the signs on the stores confuse customers when in fact the stores are not authorized Sony retailers and sell products that may not be covered by warranty.

    Sony said one of the stores even sold counterfeit Sony products, specifically memory sticks for cameras.

    But owner Sam Truzman denies his Orlando store ever sold counterfeit products and thinks the lawsuit is ridiculous.

    Still, he's already replaced one sign with a Canon sign.

    "In a way, it may be misleading, I don't know," Truzman said. "That's what they claim."

    Martinez said the Sony signs at his store are coming down next week.

    "I hope they don't give me too much hard time," he said. "I'm going to put the signs down and hope they leave me alone."

    Besides wanting the stores to stop using the Sony logo, the corporation is seeking money for profits, damages and attorneys' fees, but didn't give a dollar figure, according to the lawsuit.

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    Sony sues 4 Orlando stores, claim stores illegally used its name