• St. Cloud residents complain of house-turned-landfill


    ST. CLOUD, Fla. - Residents of a St. Cloud neighborhood said they're fed up with a home that's been turned into a landfill.

    Neighbors along Oak View Circle told Channel 9 they tried to help the homeowner before the trash got out of hand.

    Those same neighbors said the home is so bad that parts of the roof are caving in and pieces of it are falling down, which has allowed animals to get inside.

    Dennis Morgan lives close to the home, which was recently condemned.

    "We all tried to pitch in the best we could, but it was kind of fighting a losing battle," he said.

    Other neighbors said they tried to help the homeowner, who is in his 70s, with things like cutting the grass, but they couldn't keep up with the clutter.

    From the outside, the home looks rundown, but the inside is filled with trash. The file on the home is hundreds of pages long, and code enforcement said it's been trying to work with the homeowner, Richard Wydro Sr., for years.

    But code enforcement said the homeowner responded he didn't see anything wrong with the accumulating trash.

    "There's holes in the roof, animals coming out, cats," said neighbor Chris Callaghan. "I've seen birds, squirrels. It's pretty bad."

    Inspection records stated building officials said the home was dangerous and unsafe. The homeowner had to leave.

    "Really a nice guy and I believe he is in a (new) home, which is great for him," said Morgan.

    Code enforcement told Channel 9 that the home is beyond repair and will be torn down.

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