State could close clinics because abortion doctor faces drug charges

ORLANDO, Fla. — A local abortion doctor is facing drug charges in South Carolina and the state of Florida is trying to shut down his clinics.
James Pendergraft owns two abortion clinics in Orlando, one in Ocala and another in Fort Lauderdale, according to state records.
Officials said Pendergraft was pulled over for speeding when deputies noticed pill bottles at his feet. Officials said his car was searched and several thousand dollars and the necessary tools to perform an abortion were found.
The state is able to revoke a clinic's license if the owner is charged with a crime. His clinics could now be closed for all procedures, rather than just abortions.

Document: State's complaints against Pendergraft
"God uses different things in different ways and it usually is in different ways than we could ever have imagined," abortion protester John Barros said.
Investigators can't say for sure if Pendergraft was performing abortions across state lines.
Records showed Pendergraft's license has been suspended five times.
His lawyer sent documents to the state denying that he owns any of the clinics. 

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