• Students question why man accused in UCF plot was still living on campus


    ORLANDO, Fla. - The potentially deadly massacre planned on the campus of the University of Central Florida left parents and students questioning why James Seevakumaran, the student police said was behind the plot, was even living in the dorms, because he was no longer considered a student.

    "Why was he still here? There are so many questions I have that I would like to have answered," said UCF senior Michael Williams.

    UCF officials confirmed Seevakumaran didn't register for spring classes and hadn't paid to live in the dorm for the semester that began in January.

    However, they said kicking out any student because they can't pay is something they try to be sensitive about, but in this case it took longer than usual to evict Seevakumaran.

    "We're going to give students the benefit of the doubt. I think in this instance, it was clear there was a breakdown along the way. We're committed to fixing that," said UCF Associate Vice President for Communications and Public Affairs Grant Heston.

    Seevakumaran's roommate told Channel 9 he believes the school changed the locks on the dorm room and he's not sure how Seevakumaran was able to get in.

    However, the school has not confirmed that.

    Aside from not paying, students also questioned why a 30-year-old was allowed to live in the dorms.

    "I was just kind of shocked that somebody that age was staying in our dorm. He's significantly older than us," said UCF sophomore Tess Henderson.

    School officials said it would be considered age discrimination if they didn't allow Seevakumaran to live in the dorms, but out of the 8,000-9,000 students who live on campus it's uncommon to find someone that age.

    "We have about 40 students who live on campus who are 25 years or older," said Heston.

    The incident has also led to one of the church groups on campus organizing a prayer walk to help students cope.

    It's scheduled to take place at the Reflection Pond near the library, Wednesday at 5:45 p.m.

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    Students question why man accused in UCF plot was still living on campus