• Superintendent recommends firing Marion County teacher accused of drowning 2 raccoons

    By: Jason Kelly , Angela Jacobs


    MARION COUNTY, Fla. - The fate of a Marion County teacher accused of drowning at least two "nuisance" raccoons might not be decided until June.

    Marion County Public Schools' superintendent on Wednesday recommended firing a Forest High School teacher who allegedly drowned the animals in front of students.

    The district said the incident likely won't be addressed at Tuesday's school board meeting unless the issue is brought up as an emergency item by the superintendent, which isn't planned. The next meeting after Tuesday's is scheduled for June.

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    Forest High School agricultural-science teacher Dewie Brewton remains on paid administrative leave after the school district said it was appalled by video that appears to have been recorded during one of his classes

    Witnesses told Channel 9 the teacher drowned at least two raccoons because the animals killed several chickens that students and staff members were raising in a shed behind the school.

    "All we can say is we're looking into it, and we're looking at all aspects of this," said Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission Officer Greg Workman. "We are taking it serious."

    FWC wouldn't comment further, saying it's an active investigation, but the agency referred Channel 9 to the guidelines it follows set by the American Veterinary Medical Association

    Live trapping of a nuisance animal to euthanize is legal, but a chart from the organization said drowning isn't an acceptable method.

    FWC said the state attorney's office will decide if charges are filed.

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    In a Facebook post earlier this week, the school's Future Farmers of America alumni chapter said it supports Brewton, calling him a man of faith who always provided guidance for students to succeed.

    "We must focus on all of the extremely positive and life-changing things that this man has done for people," the post said.

    FWC's website said all nuisance animals trapped live must be euthanized or released within 24 hours. That's another one of the components of the investigation.

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