Tenant says Vista Haven managers' attempt to evict family was 'bullying, intimidation'

SANFORD, Fla. — Managers of the Vista Haven apartments in Sanford issued an eviction notice for non-payment to a woman who told Channel 9 that her rent was paid every month.

Tenynoi Hansen went to court Thursday to battle it out.

The attorney for the apartments argued Hansen ignored previous notices and acted too late.

But Hansen said she tried to get answers, without success. She told the apartment managers that her rent was paid in full by the Seminole County Housing Authority.

Hansen said she was shocked to learn she would have to pay hundreds of dollars or leave the apartment, along with her four children.

"I have four kids, you understand?  I was getting evicted in 24 hours.  I have four kids," said Hansen.

Hansen she has signed paperwork showing she didn’t want a washer and dryer or cable in her apartment, which would have raised her rent.

"It was bullying. It was intimidation," said Simon.

Hansen said she as being charged for having the appliances and the cable.

Hansen's attorney, Ortavia Simon, argued in court that the mistake has always been on Vista Haven's end, and Hansen was getting punished for it.

"From the very beginning, my client never accepted the use of a washer and dryer and she never asked to use it.  It should have never been in her place," said Simon.

The judge dismissed the complaint against Hansen, saying some of the numbers just didn’t add up.

"The reality is Miss Hansen owed nothing for rent. Zero," the judge said.

Hansen said she feels that “justice has prevailed.”

The attorney representing the apartment complex would not comment. They have 30 days to appeal the judge's decision.