‘Thank you for bringing me home,' Lakeland girl says after being reunited with family

LAKELAND, Fla. — Rebecca Lewis, 4, was reunited Tuesday afternoon with her Polk County family. Rebecca’s disappearance sparked a multi-state Amber Alert and was found Monday in Memphis, Tennessee at a hospital.

“Thank you for bringing me home,” Rebecca said during a news conference while she hugged her family.

WATCH: Lakeland girl reunites with family after kidnapping

West Hogs is accused of kidnapping Rebecca last Sunday. A hospital nurse recognized Hogs and Rebecca.

“I saw a man holding a little girl’s hand walking toward me. I thought, ‘Man, it looks just like that little girl from that picture,’” Caytlyn Brown said.

Brown said during a news conference Tuesday that she told her father who was in the hospital. He came out and they found Hogs and Rebecca.




“As soon as they pass them my dad looks at me and I said, ‘She is wearing the same outfit (as the one in the picture). We then went straight to security,” Brown said.

Security called police who found Hogs car in the parking lot of the hospital and arrested him.

Rebecca’s grandmother had a message for the alleged abductor.

“Don’t bash him, don’t bash him. I don’t know what he was thinking," she said.

Hogs’ family told investigators that he suffers from depression and bipolar disorder.

Hogs previously lived with the Lewis family when Rebecca was an infant. He was asked to leave after threatening the family with a gun, the family said.

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