Defense wants suspect's shoes barred from trial in Orlando woman's death

The case of a former security guard accused of raping and killing a 27-year-old woman inside her Orlando apartment will go to trial next week, a judge said Wednesday.  
Jury selection is scheduled to begin on Monday. 
Samsudean’s body was found rolled up in a comforter inside her downtown Orlando apartment.
Duxbury’s lawyers want shoes that were taken into evidence barred from the courtroom. Police said they removed the shoes from Duxbury's Volusia County apartment, and that they match what Duxbury was wearing on video the night Samsudean died.
Investigators said they believe the footprints in her apartment match the shoes.
Two years ago, Duxbury denied involvement in Samsudean’s death.
"I was led to understand that any and all cooperation with law enforcement was required. Otherwise, I could lose my security license and therefore my job," Duxbury said.
"Were you advised of your constitutional rights, pursuant to Miranda vs. Arizona?” his lawyer asked in court.
“No. I was not,” Duxbury replied.
“Did you have a lawyer?” asked the lawyer.
“No. I did not," Duxbury said.
During a lie detector test, Duxbury said, “Bad things happen to good people. People panic. I know how that sounds and I know what it leads to."
Prosecutors believe the jury should hear the comments made and that the shoes should be admitted.
According to a report, Samsudean went drinking with her friends downtown and got home at about 1:45 a.m.
Security footage from the Uptown Place shows Samsudean with Duxbury until about 2:30 a.m.
Duxbury told police he noticed she was drunk, but left her when she couldn't remember the code to get into her place.
Detectives said that by 5 a.m., Duxbury was searching how to override the lock on her door.
Duxbury was not seen on camera again for nearly 90 minutes, and the next time the cameras caught him, he was holding trash bags.
Detectives wrote in the report, “It’s unknown how he finally managed to enter her apartment,” but that “the website searches show he wanted to get into her place.”
The report goes on to say, “He used her impairment and his position to illegally enter her apartment and commit murder.”

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The prosecution and the defense agree that they should be able to try Duxbury in five days, Channel 9 reporter Field Sutton said.
Duxbury’s lawyers said they have several motions they need to present prior to the trial, and that they are expecting another hearing in the case later this week.