Uber driver petitions for more per mile, tip option on app

A petition making the rounds online is calling on Uber drivers to be paid more per mile and for a tipping option to be added to the app.

Driver Randy Lorelike is leading the effort, calling current rates “shameful and unfair.”

As independent contractors, Uber drivers pay for their gas and vehicle maintenance out of pocket.

And they say the amount of money going into their pockets keeps going down.

"Just an opportunity for me to earn some extra money,” said Lorelike.

He got into the Uber business in 2015 because he said it was the perfect income booster that allowed him to balance his full-time job and family.

"The biggest thing was that I could work my own schedule,” Lorelike said.

But he said the earnings have gone down dramatically.

He said he used bring home $400 to $500 a week.

"And now, doing that same type of driving, my earnings have gone down to about $200 or $300,” Lorelike said.

He blames the current rate drivers now get per mile.

"Sixty-five cents per mile in Orlando, Florida, and we also get 11 cents per minute,” he said.

He started the online petition, which has more than 2,500 signatures.

It calls for drivers rates per mile to go up by at least $1, to allow them to receive what he calls a fair profit.

It also calls for a tipping option to be added to the app.

"Eight out of my 10 passengers ask me if they can tip me in the app. And right now, I can’t do that, simply because our CEO Travis Kalanick refuses to add tipping to the app,” Lorelike said.

He’s hoping the petition gets the attention of Uber executives and said for some drivers, it is more than just a side job for extra money.

"There are a lot of people out there who are depending on this as a full-time job," Lorelike said.

His goal is to get 5,000 signatures on the petition before he sends it to the CEO.

Statement from Uber:

"We are committed to making Uber an affordable option to move around town. The current pricing has led to higher demand, meaning more time moving people and less idle time for driver partners. We are constantly communicating with our driver partners and highly value their thoughts and concerns."

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