• UCF looks to revamp eviction process following campus massacre plot threat


    ORLANDO, Fla. - Officials at the University of Central Florida re-evaluated their process to evict students who don't pay their dorm fees after it was discovered James Seevakumaran, the man who plotted to kill hundreds of students, had not paid his fees for at least two semesters and wasn't registered as a student.

    Seevakumaran had been living in the Tower 1 dorms without paying his rent for seven months.

    "I think it's just bad on management's part. They really should have been more strict with that," said UCF senior Joey Ryan.

    According to newly released UCF records, Seevakumaran was given eight notices for non-payment.

    In August, he was notified by email he owed $3,390.

    In October, he was told his locks would be charged if he didn't pay his balance, plus a $100 late fee.

    Two days later, a letter was placed in Seevakumaran's room to pick up a notice in person at the office, but he never did.

    Then, right before the current semester started, Seevakumaran was warned four more times that he was past due and owed $7,230.

    One notice was emailed in late January, another on Feb. 4 and another letter was left in his room on Feb. 8 to pick up in person, but Seevakumaran never picked it up.

    Records also showed the room locks were changed at the end of February and Seevakumaran was still somehow living inside.

    "We're in the beginning process of looking at that and I'm certain that by the time it's complete we'll have recommendations how we want to change that," said UCF Associate Vice President for Communications and Public Affairs Grant Heston.

    Some students questioned why no one tried harder to have a face-to-face talk with Seevakumaran about his past-due rent.

    Campus officials haven't said when their re-evaluation of the eviction process would be complete.

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    UCF looks to revamp eviction process following campus massacre plot threat