• UCF students design video game for children without limbs

    By: Jamie Holmes


    ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. - The University of Central Florida is well known for turning out video game graduates, and now one of their games is getting national attention.

    Designers at the school have built a game for children without limbs and their invention has impressed gamers across the country. 

    UCF’s School of Visual Arts and Design built the games in collaboration with UCF-based Limbitless Solutions, which provides affordable 3-D bionic limbs to children like Alex Pring. 

    He uses a controller attached to his limb to play the game. 

    “It helps a lot of people. It tells how hard they flex and it helps them with their bionic arms,” said Pring. 

    The special controller teaches children how to use their bionic limbs. 

    “The controller works the same way as our bionic arms do. It picks up the signal from the muscle when you flex. We use that as a control signal for the game,” said Dominique Courbin, the production director for Limbitless Solutions.

    The game is getting some major league play.

    The design team from UCF is in California at one of the biggest game developer conferences in the world.

    The organizer invited the team there free of charge to show their work.

    For the teams, it’s about taking the game to the next level for all ages.

    UCF’s video game design program continues to rank among the top in the nation.

    This year, it’ll be listed in the Princeton Review.

    The results will be released in PC Gamer magazine next week.

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