U.S. Army putting out fires over 'Trump lies' tweet

The U.S. Army found itself in some hot water Tuesday after a post on its official Twitter feed accused Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump, of lying “every 3 minutes, 15 seconds.”

The tweet linked to a story on The New Civil Rights Movement's website, titled, "Donald Trump lied 87 times last week -- or once every 3 minutes, 15 seconds."

The post was quickly taken down, but not before numerous Twitter users saw it, took screenshots and expressed outrage that a branch of the military was getting involved in politics.

“Is this a joke?” Twitter user Travis Schwartz asked. “Since when is the U.S. military allowed to take a political stance?”

The Army quickly responded that the tweet was inadvertently sent by an employee who intended to post to a personal Twitter account.

“The U.S. Army has not taken a political stance,” it said on its Twitter feed. “This was an error sent out mistakenly by an employee.”

The Army did not identify the person who sent the tweet or say if he or she is a civilian or a member of the military.

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