Vape pen explosion suspected in St. Petersburg man's death

A man’s vape pen might have led to his death, fire officials said.

A vape pen might have led to a man's death, fire officials said.
The victim was found dead Saturday inside his charred home in St. Petersburg.
Investigators said they won't know the official cause of his death until an autopsy is performed, but they suspect the fire started when his vape pen exploded.

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"We saw the smoke coming out of the roof, and so we were hoping that nobody was home, but then we found out that he was home," neighbor Dale Kleine said.
According to FEMA, between 2000 and 2016, there were nearly 200 reported vape pen-related explosions in America.
If it is determined that the fire was a result of the vape pen, it could be the first vape pen explosion death in the nation.