• Victim's GoPro captures hit-and-run with golf cart in Lady Lake


    LAKE COUNTY, Fla. - Lady Lake police are searching for the woman they said hit a bicyclist with a golf cart and took off.

    The victim, Ryan McElroy, was wearing a GoPro camera on his helmet and caught the whole scene on video.

    The video shows a woman driving a golf cart on Paige Place in Lady Lake as she hit McElroy and drove away.

    “I guess this lady tried to pass me while she was still in the golf cart lane, and she clipped my pedal, as well as my handle bars, and caused me to tumble pretty hard,” McElroy said.

    McElroy scratched up his knees and hands, and was treated at the scene. Other than a little bit of soreness, he said he’s OK.

    Police said he was lucky he was wearing a helmet and he had his GoPro rolling.

    “If he hadn’t had that camera, we wouldn’t have known what the lady looked like. We wouldn’t have known if it was a male or female. We wouldn’t have known anything,” said Lady Lake police Officer Robert Chausse.

    Investigators said even though the suspect was driving a golf cart, she is still expected to face serious charges, likely for leaving the scene of an accident causing bodily injury.  

    “There’s no way she didn’t know because the golf cart hit me hard. It wasn’t just a tap; it was a hard hit,” McElroy said.

    McElroy said if not for the helmet, his injuries would have been a lot more severe. He said he’s hoping police can quickly track down the driver of the golf cart.

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    Victim's GoPro captures hit-and-run with golf cart in Lady Lake