• Video: Bears spend day in tree in Sanford

    By: WFTV Web Staff


    SANFORD, Fla. - Residents in Sanford woke up Friday morning to two bears hanging out in a tree in their neighborhood.

    The adult bear and cub were spotted on Richard Allen Street and Halsey Avenue.

    "I looked out the window and I told my brother and sister that, 'the bear is here, the bear is here,' and they ran," 8-year-old Kamryn Grayson said.

    Other neighbors told Channel 9's Samantha Manning that it's not uncommon to see black bears in the neighborhood.

    "They (are) out here just about every day," Arthur Jackson said. "We have bears out here all the time. It's ... nothing new to us 'cause since they (have) been building up around here and messing where (with) they used to live and how they (have) been living."

    Officials with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission said they would not respond to the scene unless the bears posed a threat to public safety.

    The bears ran out of the tree around 4:30 p.m.


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