Video shows worker at Disney resort using dirty mop to clean tables

ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. — Video of a worker at Walt Disney World mopping the floors of a restaurant at the Art Animation Resort and then cleaning the tables with the same dirty mop is gaining some attention.

Jesse Arias, the man who took the video, shared the video with Channel 9.

“Anybody with any kind of common sense can see that is unsanitary,” said Arias. “It’s just really disturbing that they were doing something like that and exposing us to diseases. There are thousands of people that walk those parks a day.”

Arias said the resort manager comped him for the cost of his hotel, but he said it still bothered him. So he started sending emails to Disney, but said he never got a satisfying response.

A spokesperson for the resort said when workers found out about the incident, they immediately took action.

The spokesperson said when Arias' second email went to the right person they responded within 24 hours and they also called him Friday afternoon.

The spokesperson added that it was an isolated incident.

Disney officials said the woman in the video is not a cast member, but works for a third-party vendor and she is no longer welcome on Disney property.

Paul Cook, a retired health inspector, said he had never seen anything like it.

“I would have immediately closed that place and told them you have to retrain your employees from properly cleaning, to sanitizing food service equipment and properly cleaning the floor,” Cook said.

The Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation website listed a few minor violations since the resort opened in 2012.

None involved the food service area.

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