Volusia County man accused of sexually abusing runaway foster care girls

A 67-year-old Volusia County man is accused in several cases involving abuse and sex with underage girls who escaped from foster care.

Investigators said the suspect coerced young girls into having sex with him at his South Daytona apartment, and in one case deprived a victim of food until he was sexually satisfied.

Investigators said Michael Boland picked up three girls who ran away from a group home in Polk County and drove them to Volusia County.

Records from the state attorney’s office said a young girl and her mother, who were homeless, told investigators Boland took them in in 2014.

He supplied food, electronics and money, but his hospitality soon became dependent on the underage girl having sex with him.

The victim told investigators that she was required to have sex with Boland at least once a day, if not more, to satisfy his sexual desires and that he would refuse to buy her food, “until he was happy.”

More recently, records show he picked up three girls who ran away from the state foster care system in Polk County and drove them to a home in Ormond Beach, where he sexually battered at least one girl, and supplied them with drugs and alcohol.

Investigators believe he moved them from hotel to hotel to carry out the illegal activity.

One girl told investigators she was “locked in a bedroom for hours with no food and told she was forbidden to leave.”

Boland is being held in jail on a no-bond status.

South Daytona police believe he also videotaped at least one illegal sexual encounter without consent.

Prosecutors believe there could be more victims.