• Warlocks MC member accused in shootout remains jailed without bail


    SEMINOLE COUNTY, Fla. - One of the men accused in a deadly shootout between rival Warlock motorcycle clubs was back in court Monday, trying to get out of jail on bond.

    David "Tinman" Maloney was arrested and charged with second-degree murder after the shooting, which happened in September outside a Winter Springs VFW post.

    Those killed in the shootout were David "Dresser" Jakiela, Harold Liddle and Peter "Hormone" Schlette.

    Maloney is one of four Philadelphia Warlocks accused of killing the three Orlando Warlocks during a charity event, and members of both gangs attended Monday's hearing.

    Prosecutors said it was a shootout, and Maloney's group started it, therefore they're legally responsible. However, Maloney said he fired in self-defense.

    Orlando Warlocks member Ronnie Mitchell testified Monday he and his group showed up at the VFW post for a charity event and almost immediately came under fire.

    But Maloney's lawyer, Michael Lafay, said the fliers for the charity event showed the logo for his Philadelphia Warlocks club and that the rival club knew that and showed up heavily armed with the intention of instigating a shootout.

    Lafay said one rival member brought a whip, sword, four knives and a baseball bat.

    "I think we can all draw our conclusions that while there was a softball game next door that Mr. Shlette wasn't planning on playing shortstop over there," Lafay said.

    Still, the judge did not find the state's case weak enough to allow Maloney out of jail on bond.

    Prosecutors said Maloney was also heavily armed and wore a bulletproof vest the day of the shootout.

    "It's a long-standing principle of law, you get involved in a shootout, someone dies, whether you killed them or not, you're just as liable," said WFTV legal analyst Bill Sheaffer.

    No matter who started the gunfight, that law has been on the books in Florida since 1898, so the defense has a tough fight ahead with the self-defense argument, Sheaffer noted.

    However, the judge ruled there was probable cause to hold Maloney without bail.

    Meanwhile, one of Mitchell's supporters was asked to leave the courtroom after he was seen allegedly videotaping the hearing with his cellphone.

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