• Website insinuates topless pic is Casey Anthony


    ORANGE COUNTY, Fla.,None - More photos of Casey Anthony are circulating on the Internet, and Caseytrackers.com has posted one photograph that it's insinuating might be a topless Casey.

    Caseytrackers.com posted the photograph of a woman with long dark hair, the way Casey's wore it during her trial, topless with apparent Photoshopped hearts hiding some of the image.

    Other photos of Casey, including one with a female friend were released.

    WFTV learned that at least one website is linking some of the photos to a man named Rob Hensley from Kansas.  WFTV learned that several stories have surfaced about Hensely, such as that he is a landscaper, that he's Casey's boyfriend, and that Hensley is her defense attorney Jose Baez's cousin.

    WFTV has attempted to contact Baez to find out whether Hensley has any connection to him, but has received no response.

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    Website insinuates topless pic is Casey Anthony