• Wheelchair user filing class action lawsuit against Access Lynx


    ALTAMONTE SPRINGS, Fla. - An Altamonte Springs man said he is filing a class action lawsuit against Lynx on behalf of people with disabilities.

    James Stravino said he isn't looking for money. He wants Lynx to make changes to the way Access Lynx provides transportation for disabled people in Orange, Seminole and Osceola counties.

    Stravino said he has taken more than 100 trips on Access Lynx buses and said the service has been so bad, it's forcing him to take legal action.

    Attorney David Oliver represents Stravino, who plans to sue Lynx in federal court 24 hours after Thursday night.

    Stravino said the bus service failed to pick him up or drop him off on time at least seven times.

    One one occasion, Stravino said a driver never secured his wheelchair to the floor of the bus, causing it to teeter on every turn.

    Oliver said Lynx needs to be sensitive to the needs of disabled persons.

    "This particular client needs assistance in stowing his wheelchair. The drivers declined to provide that. In their view, it's not their job. In Congress' view, it is," Oliver said.

    The lawsuit says Lynx violated the Americans with Disabilities Act.

    "Obviously, you should always be in consideration for people with different disabilities. I'm all for accommodations for any handicapped," Orlando resident Scott Hones said.

    "That's sad. It's very sad," Orlando resident Ginny Kempisty said.

    It's a class action lawsuit, which covers anyone in the area with a disability.

    "This is not an action for the benefit of one person. It's for the benefit of an entire class of people," Oliver said.

    The lawsuit says Access Lynx provides 2,100 trips every day to and from medical facilities.

    A Lynx spokesman said he found record of just two complaints lodged by Stravino, who said he's used Access Lynx roughly 140 times.

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