• Winter Park won't charge to use electric car stations


    WINTER PARK, Fla.,None - The City of Winter Park says it won't charge residents to use electric car stations.

    The decision angered some drivers at the pump.

    "Obviously it doesn't seem fair," said resident Fred Stones.

    Officials told WFTV it won't cost the city very much.

    "It's so inexpensive it really doesn't hit our bottom line. We're doing something great for the environment, encourage other people to do it," said Vice Mayor Steven Leary.

    Drivers argued not everyone can afford an electric car because even the less expensive ones cost nearly $43,000.

    "Oh, that's steep. I'll wait until they come down in price," said resident Dave Robbinson.

    Officials said they hope the cost goes down.

    "That's part of the reason why we're doing this. We want the cost of the cars to come down where everyone can afford them," said Jerry Warren, the Electric Utility Department Director.

    A private business paid for the six car charging stations throughout the city.

    In their first official month of operation, the stations were used only 21 times.

    At that rate, officials said the electricity is estimated to cost the city only $200 annually.

    Leary said he thinks the stations will benefit the city.

    "We can bring those drivers to our downtown core by providing free parking spaces and bring shoppers to our core, that's pretty critical too."

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