• Woman accusing officer of sex assault says OPD put her under surveillance


    ORLANDO, Fla. - An alleged rape victim said Orlando police officers followed her and then took her in for questioning after she accused one of their own of sexually assaulting her.

    The alleged rape victim of Orlando police Officer Roderick Johnson told Channel 9 last year Johnson was armed and intimidating during the sexual battery at a police substation.

    But in new documents, the victim said the intimidation didn't stop with Johnson's arrest. She told prosecutors she thought OPD officers were tailing her through her cellphone GPS, because they seemed to know exactly where she was.

    And workers at the motel where the alleged victim was living told state attorney investigators Orlando detectives came looking for her and stayed several hours, posing as electricians or fire marshals so they'd know when she left.

    One witness said the alleged victim walked down a set of stairs, and an officer was waiting downstairs. The witness said the officer crouched down near a fire extinguisher box to pretend like he was working on it.

    The victim said she was heading to the bus stop around the corner and before she could even get to it, she was stopped by an unmarked police car.

    The victim told state attorney investigators the Orlando Internal Affairs officers placed her in their car and took her to OPD headquarters, the same building Johnson worked, for another interview.

    "They're treating the victim like a suspect, and it's very upsetting," said the victim's attorney, Whitney Boan.

    Boan said her client had already given police two recorded statements and one written statement before they surveyed her and tracked her down for more questioning.

    Johnson is expected to go to trial this summer.

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    Woman accusing officer of sex assault says OPD put her under surveillance