• Woman tries to get out of jail in aggravated assault case


    JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - A woman sentenced to 20 years in prison for firing a warning shot over the head of her alleged abusive husband, will try again to get out of jail Wednesday.

    Attorneys for Marissa Alexander want her released on bond.

    Two weeks ago, a Jacksonville judge granted Alexander a new trial.

    She said she was a victim of domestic violence and was warning her husband to stay away.

    Alexander argued she was protected under the controversial Stand Your Ground law, but the jury convicted her of aggravated assault.

    The Sisterhood of Survivors, a group of domestic violence victims and survivors, chanted loudly outside the courthouse in October, before and after the hearing, demanding Alexander's immediate release.

    "This is a reflection of the inequities of the justice system," said the group's spokeswoman, Marcia Olivo.

    Feminist Majority Foundation President Eleanor Smeal also wrote a letter to Corey which states, "I write to urge you to drop all charges against domestic violence survivor Marissa Alexander. Marissa Alexander did not want to be killed. Instead, she acted in self-defense against an abusive husband. Her actions injured no one, but as a result of protecting herself, Alexander was subjected to prosecution and prison. She has already served enough time for an undue punishment."

    Anthony Heard, with a group called "Free Marissa Now," said he believes race played a part in her prosecution, conviction and harsh sentence. Alexander is black. Groups including the NAACP also have argued Alexander's case reflects a justice system that is skewed against African-Americans.

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