Wyndham Vacations facing lawsuit in overtime battle

ORLANDO, Fla. — One of the largest timeshare companies in the world, Wyndham Vacations, is being sued by one of the biggest law firms in Orlando in a battle involving overtime.

WFTV’s Jeff Deal found out the case, which was filed by former workers, could affect thousands of employees going back three years.

Herbert Schleimer started selling timeshares at Wyndham Vacation Ownership’s Bonnet Creek Resort a few years ago. He claims he was taken advantage of on a regular basis.

Schleimer was paid an hourly wage plus commission on sales, but said the company was making him work off the clock without paying overtime.

“When that happens and you’re not being paid for the work you’re doing it brings morale down,” he said.

He said whenever he approached 40 hours, a manager would tell him to clock out even if he had another tour to give at the resort, so he contacted Kim Woods with the Morgan and Morgan Law Firm.

“There’s a misconception out there that unless you’re paid an hourly rate, you’re not entitled to overtime,” Woods said.

The firm is now suing Wyndham in federal court.

The case is in the early stages, but so far seven other workers have joined the suit.

Woods believes there could be more than 2,000 employees or former employees in Florida this case affects.

Schleimer said employees felt pressured to clock out when they approached 40 hours and so did everyone else.

“If you wanted to keep your job, you played the way they wanted you to play,” he said.

WFTV also found two other similar lawsuits filed against Wyndham recently, one in Florida and one in Tennessee.

A Wyndham Vacation Ownership spokesperson sent an email that said they had no comment about the lawsuit.