• YouTube video, details emerge about two accused in deputy's shooting death


    BREVARD COUNTY, Fla.,None - WFTV has discovered new details about a man and woman facing first-degree murder charges for the shooting death of a Brevard County deputy.

    On Wednesday, a judge denied bond for 23-year-old Brandon Bradley and 19-year-old Andria Kerchner.

    They are both facing first-degree murder charges for the shooting death of Brevard County Deputy Barbara Pill.

    WFTV found a makeshift memorial on Elena Way and John Rodes Boulevard on Thursday where her colleagues and strangers alike honored her sacrifice.

    "You guys didn't like, um… I didn't shoot the gun, nor am I going to hop out of a car that's going 100," said Kerchner, who tried to proclaim her innocence inside a jail courtroom on Wednesday.

    But prosecutors said she played a principle role in the shooting. They said because the deputy was killed while Kerchner was allegedly committing another crime, she can be charged with murder.

    Kerchner's boyfriend, Bradley, is also accused of murdering 52-year-old Pill.

    Pill was gunned down after she pulled the pair over to investigate a report of stolen furniture from an Econo Lodge in Melbourne.

    911 calls from neighbors described the incident.

    "Oh my God, somebody just shot this cop in my... in front of my house!" said the 911 caller.

    "He did what?" replied the dispatcher.

    "Somebody just shot this cop!" the caller said.

    Within moments, police said they spotted the couple's SUV and followed them.

    The sheriff's helicopter caught the moment Bradley lost control of his vehicle and crashed into a ditch.

    Police then surrounded the SUV with guns drawn.

    Bradley and Kerchner didn't come out until after officers broke the windows and forced them out, police said.

    The State Attorney's Office said it intends to pursue the death penalty against Bradley.

    "My office is working with investigators to vigorously pursue justice for this crime. Based upon the information already received, I will be instructing the assigned prosecutors to pursue the death penalty against [Bradley]," said Norman Wolfinger in a statement. "We offer our heartfelt condolences to the family of Brevard Deputy Sheriff Barbara Pill and to the staff of the Brevard County Sheriff's Office. The people of Brevard have lost one of their finest protectors and we mourn that loss."

    Kerchner faces up to life in prison.

    WFTV discovered a music video of Brandon Bradley rapping about a life of crime that was posted on YouTube.

    In the music video, Bradley goes by the name Luwie, or Luwie the Fireman, and is seen rapping with two other men about pulling off home invasions and violating probation.

    The video was posted to YouTube in December 2011; three months after Bradley allegedly lied to police, telling them he was his brother so he could bond out.

    Many who seem outraged at Bradley have posted comments on the YouTube video page.

    WFTV spoke with Bradley's mother, Tiffany, and step-grandfather, Benjamin Home.

    While they could not explain Bradley's behavior, they said his actions were wrong.

    But his mother said police and the county jail are also to blame.

    Bradley's mother Tiffany said if law enforcement had done their jobs, her son would've been behind bars since September.

    "If the police would have done their jobs, none of this would have happened," Tiffany said.

    Tiffany said when Bradley lied about who he was when he was arrested in September, Melbourne police and the Brevard County jail should have known he lied and should not have allowed him to be released.

    Bradley told police that he was his half-brother, Keith Nelson.

    Bradley was able to get a lower bond and be released from the jail, because his brother did not have the kind of criminal record he had.

    WFTV was told Melbourne police discovered his lie after he was free, and a warrant was issued for his arrest, but he stayed under the radar until Tuesday.

    "They need to own up to their mistakes; accept responsibility for what they did. They let him out on the streets. They knew who he was; if they had done their job he wouldn't have been on the streets to commit this," said Tiffany.

    "We're hurting for everyone, for the deputy, for Brandon... everyone has lost," said Tiffany.

    Investigators said Bradley spent two years in prison for robbery, was released and went on probation last year.

    He had a number of probation violations for trying to fake drug tests or not showing up to meet with his officer, authorities said.

    In September, he was caught with drugs and a loaded weapon, which as a convicted felon, he shouldn't have had.

    Tiffany and Home said he was raised well and they don't know what happened to him.

    "I remember making breakfast for him. He had a good heart," Home said.

    Bradley's mother said she hasn't talked to him since he arrived at the jail.

    His family said they still love him.

    Home said Bradley murdered a deputy in the course of a robbery, and he can't do something like that without facing grave consequences.

    Kerchner's neighbor said this is not the girl she watched grow up.

    "I think she just got in with the wrong crowd, the wrong people," said Cherry Coggins. "I just hate to see her like this; it's really sad."

    The sheriff's department said the shooting was recorded by Pill's dashboard camera.  There's no word if portions of that video will ever be released.

    Late Thursday the family announced that funeral services for Deputy  Pill will take place on Tuesday, March 13 at 10:00 a.m. at Calvary Chapel Melbourne located at 2955 Minton Road in West Melbourne.

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