Benches clearing Saints-Bucs brawl involving Tom Brady leads to ejections for Mike Evans, Marshon Lattimore

The NFC South is noted for the intensity of its rivalries.

Take, for example, Sunday's game between the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and New Orleans Saints.

Early in the fourth quarter of the division clash, things got heated after Bucs quarterback Tom Brady and Saints cornerback Marshon Lattimore exchanged words. With the game tied at 3-3, Brady threw an incomplete deep pass to Scott Miller on third-and-5 with Lattimore in coverage.

Brady had words with Lattimore after the play, and Lattimore responded with a dismissive gesture. Brady barked back at Lattimore before Bucs running back Leonard Fournette shoved the Saints cornerback. Chaos ensued from there.

Bucs receiver Mike Evans, who had left the field of play to the Tampa Bay sideline, ran back onto the field and shoved Lattimore to the turf. Players from both teams then jumped into a pile as the incident escalated. Pushing and shoving carried on from there before officials were able to rein things in and sort things out. Former Bucs coach Bruce Arians — now a member of the front office — watched from the sideline.

Once the dust settled, officials called offsetting personal fouls on Evans and Lattimore. Both players were ejected.

Evans and Lattimore have history. During a 2017 Saint-Bucs game, then Bucs-quarterback Jameis Winston poked Lattimore in the helmet after a verbal confrontation. Lattimore responded by shoving Winston. Like on Sunday, Evans then jumped into the fray and shoved Lattimore to the turf. Evans wasn't ejected that day, but the NFL later handed him a one-game suspension for the blind-side shove.

Suspensions could be in play once again after Sunday's fracas.