How to track your ballot and make sure it’s counted

The concerns about making sure ballots aren’t rejected and votes are actually recorded has reached a fever pitch.

But Central Florida’s election officials want people to know there are a lot more fail-safes in the state this year to make sure votes do count than ever before.

Concerns about whether one’s vote is counted aren’t new; this level of anxiety was constant from some decades ago. But now, a much broader cross-section of eligible voters is worrying about it than in the past.

Election questions answered: When will your vote be counted?

People who sign up for their county’s tracker will be able to check in on their ballots progress, from the start of its path through the mail to when it’s received, and confirmation it will be counted.

And if there are issues, changes made in 2018 mean you also have more time to resolve it.

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You now have until 5 p.m. two days after to election to fill out what’s called a cure affidavit and deliver it to your county supervisor.

The goal is to avoid punishing voters for simple mistakes than can easily be fixed.

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One social media rumor that election officials want to dispel is ballots will not be rejected because a poll worker writes on it.

Poll workers have practically no reason to mark ballots and supervisors have been working overtime to dispel this rumor.

Here’s an example of the social media post:

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