• Volusia election supervisor hands over list of names after lawsuit from Democrats

    By: Jason Kelly , Lauren Seabrook


    DeLAND, Fla. - Recounts in two Volusia County races are now uncertain after the case was dropped Friday afternoon.

    Volusia County Supervisor of Elections Lisa Lewis said Thursday evening that two races could be recounted for the Edgewater City Council District 1 race and the Volusia County Council District 1 race, Lewis said.

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    377 people voted by provisional ballot in Volusia County, but only half were accepted. Democrats filed a lawsuit after they said Lewis didn't hand over a list of names of people who voted by provisional ballot. 

    Before the case could go to court, Lewis turned over the list of names because they were read aloud during canvassing.

    "Voter registration is public record, but when it comes to your ballot... not so much. That should be secret," Lewis said. 

    Preliminary results in the Edgewater race indicate that of the 8,602 total votes that were cast, Rocky Dorcy received 4,287 votes (49.84 percent) and Christine Elaine Power received 4,315 votes (50.16 percent), officials said.

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    Preliminary results in the Volusia County race indicate that of the 41,103 total votes that were cast, Barbara Girtman received 20,640 votes (50.22 percent) and Pat Patterson received 20,463 votes (49.78 percent), officials said.

    Manual recounts will begin immediately following machine recounts should the machine recounts indicate that manual recounts are required, Lewis said.

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