Puerto Ricans displaced by Hurricane Maria could sway 2020 election in Florida

ORLANDO, Fla. — Political researchers say people who move to the mainland from Puerto Rico often register as non-party affiliates because they aren’t familiar with the two traditional parties.

Local campaign groups are working overtime trying to get these voters to choose a candidate.

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Puerto Ricans who move to the mainland can register to vote as soon as they establish residency in Florida.

As a result, thousands of Puerto Ricans who moved to Central Florida after being displaced by Hurricane Maria in 2017 could be voting for the first time in the upcoming presidential election.

With less than four weeks to go before election day, dozens of political groups are taking to the streets, knocking on doors, and holding online events, trying to get these new Central Florida Puerto Rican residents to the polls...and to pick their candidate.

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The president recently announced an additional $13 billion in aid to help Puerto Rico rebuild and recover.

Democrats have called it an election stunt while Republicans say that’s not the case.