8-year-old inspires Father's Day cards for Orlando victims' families


SEATTLE — When a Seattle father was talking to his daughter about the tragic nightclub shooting in Orlando, Florida, she asked him a heart-wrenching question.

"She said, 'Do the fathers still get a Father's Day card?' And I said, 'Absolutely,'" Daniel Bacons told KIRO 7 News in downtown Seattle.
Heartwarming acts across the country have unfolded since 49 people were killed when a gunman open fire in the Pulse nightclub.
Bacons and his 8-year-old daughter have joined in the nation's response to the massacre by showing positive energy and support.
"So I came into work this morning, and got 49 cards, and wrote all their names on ... (them), and had the city get involved in signing ... (them)," Bacons said. "Just to get their emotions out [and] share the love."
They made 49 Father's Day cards and posted them to the sidewalk near Westlake Park so that passersby could leave their thoughts.
More than 300 people signed the cards.