Temporary Pulse Orlando memorial opens in honor of victim, survivors

A temporary memorial honoring the victims and survivors of the Pulse Orlando nightclub attack opened Tuesday.
“It's amazing to see all the work put into it. You see it and you can tell that it brings life to you. You look at it and you have to smile. There are so many people that care and so many that put work into it,” Carla Montanez, friend of Pulse victim said.

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The memorial shows how the community is healing from the tragedy.
“The Design and Construction Committee is excited to take this first step toward a permanent memorial and museum,” said committee Chairperson Vicki Berman.

Since the end of February, crews have been working on the temporary memorial, but construction didn't stop people from honoring those who were killed.

“Creating a place to honor the victims and to reflect on how we must make our world more accepting, kind and safe has been and will continue to be the focus of this committee,” Berman said.
Many signed banners on the fence and continued to leave flowers.
Over the weekend, Orlando police officers tweeted pictures of their tour, which is also another group directly impacted by the tragedy.

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In July, the onePULSE Foundation will begin the search for architects and designs for the permanent memorial and museum, officials said. The design search process is expected to last through 2018.

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