Mask mandates effective in fight against COVID-19, CDC study shows

VIDEO: Mask mandates effective in fight against COVID-19, CDC study shows

Health experts have said one of the biggest precautions we can take in the fight against COVID-19 is wearing masks.

But now, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has new data to show just how effective mask mandates can be.

At first, the CDC said wearing a mask protects other people in case you are infected and don’t know it. But earlier this month, officials said wearing one protects you as well by reducing the number of infectious droplets you breathe in.

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Now, officials have even more evidence supporting how big a difference masks can make.

But now, the CDC says it has evidence that mask mandates do work.

According to a report published just days ago, researchers analyzed infection rates in Kansas both before and after July 3, when masks were required statewide.

However, counties had the option of adopting it or not.

The CDC said counties that chose to adopt the mandate saw cases decrease by 6%, while those that chose to opt out saw their cases double or increase by 100%.

Throughout the pandemic, some local leaders have decided to mandate masks. Orange, Seminole and Osceola counties still require people to wear masks. But others like Brevard and Lake counties do not, and don’t have to because the state doesn’t require it.