Solar-powered art sculpture bringing a whole new energy to Orlando City Soccer

ORLANDO, Fla. — A new art sculpture, called “Gyration,” was installed Saturday at the home field of Orlando City Soccer Club and Orlando Pride.

The sculpture, which was installed at the front entrance of Exploria Stadium, will not only be a new source of pride for all things Orlando soccer, it will double as a source of renewable energy for OUC and its customers.

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The sculpture was installed on Saturday and will be officially connected to OUC’s grid on Tuesday.

“Gyration” was designed by an eleven-member team of mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and art students from the University of Central Florida, who responded to a challenge from OUC to design a sculpture that also doubles as a source of clean energy.

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The new solar-powered art sculpture features a giant soccer ball that will cast lattice-like shadows on the ground around the sculpture during the day.

Local engineering and manufacturing companies were selected to build the art piece.

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The sculpture, which also includes solar panels, will send power into OUC’s grid during the day, offsetting the electricity the sculpture uses for nighttime lighting for net-zero carbon output.

“Gyration” is expected to produce 1,264 kilowatt hours (kWh) of electricity annually.

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