• The new Toyota Camry is the most American-made car!


    There are very few things that are more American than apple pie and baseball, but at Toyota of Orlando we know of a couple things that are! According to the American Made Index (AMI), the new Toyota Sienna is the third most American-made car in 2015! Even better, the knock-out, heavy-weight champion of the AMI is the 2015 Toyota Camry!

    What makes these new Toyota cars so American?

    For the first time in a decade, less than 10 cars made it on to the AMI. This year, the AMI only listed 7 cars as being “American-made.” To even make the list, a vehicle has to be made with at least 75 percent domestic parts, built in the U.S., and be purchased by a large amount of American consumers. The new Toyota Sienna is constructed with a large percentage of parts made right here in the U.S.A. It is manufactured and built in Indiana, where it is then sent out to be bought by millions of happy Americans!

    Number one on the list is the 2015 Toyota Camry! We’re proud to say that the new Toyota Camry in Orlando is the most American-made car of 2015. This Toyota is assembled in Indiana and Kentucky before being bought by the most American consumers! There’s nothing Americans love more than buying merchandise or a product with the famous “Made in America” sticker stamped on it! While you may not be able to flip it over and check the sticker, you can buy this 2015 Toyota with confidence knowing it’s just as red-blooded American as football and a bald eagle!

    Find a true American car at Toyota of Orlando!

    A lot of people believe that because Toyota is a Japanese company, the cars cannot be American-made! Despite popular belief, Toyota has 10 plants in the United States producing new Toyota cars. In fact, for the past 58 years, Toyota has been operating in the U.S. and has produced over a million vehicles.

    While they didn’t top the American Made Index, other Orlando Toyota vehicles are still made with domestic parts and are built in the U.S. before being bought by a large group of American consumers! Fun fact, nine of the most popular Toyota models are manufactured right here in the US of A!

    • In Indiana, the Toyota Sienna, Toyota Camry, Toyota Sequoia and Toyota Highlander are built.
    • The Toyota Corolla is built in Mississippi!
    • In Texas, workers build the rough and tough Toyota Tundra and Toyota Tacoma.
    • The Toyota Camry, Toyota Venza and Toyota Avalon are all built right here on American soil in Kentucky!

    If you’re searching around for the most American-made cars, you may be surprised by the results! We’re proud that the Orlando Toyota Camry and new Toyota Sienna are holding spots number one and three on the AMI, and we plan to stay on that list!
    Visit our friendly Toyota dealership in Orlando to test drive a true red, white and blue car! We’re located at 3575 Vineland Rd., just off of I-4 at exit 23!

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