Man stabs woman at bus stop because he 'doesn't like gay people'

Gaylord McDowell

Tennessee man was arrested and charged with stabbing a woman at a bus stop because he "does not like gay people," police said.

According to the Memphis Police Department, the victim was standing at the bus stop Thursday when Gaylord Marcellus McDowell, 39, walked up to her.

Police said the suspect came up to the victim “in attack mode.” She asked him to stop, and then the two got into an argument.

Things escalated when McDowell pulled out a knife and allegedly stabbed the victim in the breast, police said.

A bus driver then drove up to the stop and the woman hopped on to get away.

When police arrested McDowell in the area, he told them he did not know the victim but said he did stab her in the chest.

"I already know what the police got me for, for that girl!” McDowell allegedly said. Officers found a knife on McDowell, who allegedly said, “That's the same knife I had the other day.”

McDowell was taken to the Ridgeway Police station for further questioning. At some point, he told officers that the victim was gay and, “he does not like gay people."

McDowell is charged with criminal attempt, second-degree murder.

He is being held on $80,000 bond.