Man wearing toilet seat, clown nose follows family


A man in New York was arrested Monday and charged with harassment, but he claims that he was just clowning around.

According to WKBW, police were called to a Dollar Store after receiving a report that a woman, who was with her child and a neighbor's child, was being followed by a man in a clown nose later identified as 67-year-old Herbert Forrester.

When the woman and children left the store, he followed them outside to the parking lot, where he ran to his van and put a toilet seat around his head and toilet paper in his mouth.

The woman ran to get away from Forrester, who yelled to her “Yeah, run!” Once inside her vehicle, the woman took a picture of him for evidence.

When officers found Forrester and questioned him about the incident, he said he "has a strange sense of humor and I have to stop," according to WKBW.

Forrester is free on $100 bail.

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