12-year-old boy charged with killing a man who wouldn’t sell him his guns

A 12-year-old Wisconsin boy has been charged with first-degree intentional homicide after police say he killed a man to steal his guns, according to CNN.

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The boy allegedly shot and killed Brandon Felton, 34, inside a Milwaukee home on March 15. The boy knew the man and had played video games with him, police said.

Felton refused to sell the boy his rifle and a shotgun, a criminal complaint alleges.

According to the criminal complaint, the boy was linked to the shooting after police found a pizza receipt from the night of the killing that had been ordered using the boy’s cell phone, NBC reported.

“Police located a receipt in the living room on an end table (the same end table where the aforementioned casing was found),” the criminal complaint said. That receipt was for a Domino’s Pizza order which showed an order for food was placed by the boy, the complaint said.

The boy also sent messages to two other people about making plans to steal Felton’s guns.

The boy sent one of the two a text asking if he should kill Felton, police said.

“Should I kill him (right now)?” the 12-year-old texted. Another person in the conversation replied, “Noooo,” but the defendant allegedly replied, “I’m belting him don’t got time for dude going after my family,” the documents show.

If convicted, the boy faces a sentence of life in prison.