2 Illinois boys selling lemonade robbed at gunpoint, police say

PEORIA, Ill. — This was one seedy robbery.

Two Illinois boys selling lemonade were robbed at gunpoint by two men Friday afternoon, police said.

According to the Peoria Police Department, at about 4:52 p.m. two men approached the boys, who were selling lemonade at an intersection, WMBD reported.

Police officials said one of the men had a gun, the television station reported.

Authorities did not disclose how much money was taken.

Nathan Peterson, a father of one of the boys, described the incident in a Facebook post, the Peoria Journal Star reported.

“The robbers were slightly older kids,” Peterson wrote. “They flashed a gun, but we don’t know if it was real or not. Not sure what to think.”

“While I am disgusted and alarmed, I was comforted and encouraged by the police officers and the community. The officers worked hard to put us at ease and to do their job. Most of them bought lemonades which more than paid for the money stolen

The case is under investigation, WMBD reported.