American Airlines raises checked bag fees

American Airlines plane

Flying with checked luggage will cost American Airlines passengers more starting Tuesday.

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American Airlines updated its website to reflect the increased charges for passengers in basic economy or main cabin seats.

Travelers going within or between the U.S., Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands will be charged $40 for their first checked bags, with a $5 discount if they pay online. A second checked bag will cost passengers $45.

Previously, it cost domestic passengers $30 to check their first bags and $40 for the second.

Travelers going to and from Canada, the Caribbean, Mexico, Central America and Guyana will be charged $35 for their first checked bags and $45 for a second. Previously, passengers paid $30 to check bags on those flights, with a second checked bag costing $40.

Customers with airline-branded credit cards and those who buy tickets in premium cabins or who are active duty members of the U.S. military are mostly exempt from the increased fees.

The price increases mark the first time American Airlines has raised checked baggage prices since 2018. The move comes as airlines search for ways to increase revenue while grappling with the decline in demand for airfares seen in the last year, CNBC reported.

American’s largest rivals, Delta Air Lines and United Airlines, charge passengers $30 each for their first checked bags and $40 for the second on similar routes, CNN reported.

On Tuesday, American also announced that it is lowering the price it’s charging for slightly oversized and overweight bags beginning in April.