Are men more likely to spread COVID-19? One study says yes, they are

Researchers conducting a study on the spread of the COVID-19 virus in performing arts settings have found that men and loud talkers are more likely to spread particles that contain the virus to those near them.

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The study, which measured how people emit particles that could spread the COVID-19 virus, and how much they emit, found that men are more likely to spread the novel coronavirus than either women or children are, CBS News reported.

Why men seem to spread the virus more easily, researchers say, is a function of biology. Those conducting the study pointed out that other factors being equal, men’s lungs are usually bigger than women’s, so more virus particles are available to be spread.

The study, conducted by researchers at Colorado State University, was intended to identify what those in the performing arts community could do to create a safe return to plays and concerts.

More than 75 men, women and children participated in the study, which took place in a chamber used for testing particles in the air.

Some were asked to sing and others to play instruments. Researchers measured the spread of particles as the people performed.

“Adults tend to emit more particles than children,” John Volckens, a professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering who helped conduct the study, said. “The reason men tend to emit more particles is because we have bigger lungs.”

The study also showed that those who speak loudly tend to emit more particles.

“The volume of your voice is an indicator of how much energy you’re putting into your voice box. That energy translates to more particles coming out of your body. These are particles that carry the COVID-19 virus and infect other people,” Volckens said.

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