Back to school: Where to find masks to protect your child during coronavirus pandemic

The normal back-to-school rush is going to be different this year for many students due to the coronavirus pandemic.

One item parents never had to think about before for back-to-school shopping is masks for their child.

With the beginning of the school year looming, parents now have to get a mask that will both fit their child to protect them from COVID-19, and be comfortable enough to have their child keep it on the whole day.

“Getting a child-friendly mask probably increases compliance with wearing,” Anna Davies, a research facilitator who had worked with the Infectious Diseases department at the University of Cambridge, told NBC News. “Let’s face it, looking like Spider-Man is going to be a lot more appealing than a plain mask!”

The CDC has suggestions when it comes to finding, or making, a proper mask for anyone, whether an adult or child, NBC News reported.

  1. Masks should fit snugly against the sides of the face.
  2. Masks should cover your nose mouth and be secured under the chin.
  3. Masks should be secured with ties or ear loops.
  4. Masks should be made of multiple fabric layers.
  5. Masks should all you to breathe easily.
  6. You should be able to wash and dry a mask without damage or losing mask’s shape.

Additionally, Davies said children need to be supervised while wearing a mask since it could pose a strangulation risk, NBC News reported.

So where do you find child-sized face masks before the school year begins?

Target recently started two mask lines through the retailers Universal Thread and Cat & Jack clothing lines, People magazine reported.

Universal Thread has neutral colored and floral and gingham prints. The price is $2 for a single mask or $4 for a two-pack, People magazine reported.

Cat & Jack has kid-friendly prints like sharks, rainbows and dinosaurs. They are also sold as a two-pack for $4, People reported.

Disney is selling Star Wars, princesses, Marvel, Pixar or Disney character-themed masks. A four-pack costs about $20.

Gap Kids has introduced a line of kids face masks. A three-pack of masks costs $15

Etsy sellers are also creating kid-friendly masks, NBC News reported.

Vistaprint is selling masks fit for children. They cost $13, Fast Company reported.

Snapfish is also creating custom masks. They cost $20 for a mask and two filters, according to Fast Company.

Crayola may be known for crayons and markers, but the company is also in the mask game. Crayola partnered with School Mask Pack to create a kit that comes with five reusable, washable masks, a mesh bag for washing and a calendar card for kids and families to track their mask wear. There are three different style packs available through Crayola: solid colors, crayon faces and a striped version that mimics the crayon labels.