Bret Michaels adopts dog named after him; dog helped save 4-week-old kitten with blood donation

Poison’s frontman Bret Michaels heard a story about a dog named after him in Nebraska and reportedly reached out to adopt the dog after hearing his story.

Poison’s frontman Bret Michaels heard a story about a dog named after him in Nebraska and reportedly reached out to adopt the animal.

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The Nebraska Humane Society recently posted a story about a 6-year-old husky named Bret Michaels, according to KETV.

Three kittens were brought into the rescue recently. Two of the three were doing well but one of them had signs of flea anemia, according to the news outlet. The kitten was “wobbly, weak and lethargic,” which according to the humane society are symptoms of flea anemia.

The kitten needed some blood but transfusions are normally hard for cats because they do not have a universal type of blood.

Bret Michaels had his bloodwork done earlier that day so he became a candidate to help out the cat. KETV reported that canine blood could be used for transfusions for cats. The humane society said even with the first round of transfusion, the kitten started to show signs of improvement.

A round of ap-paws for Bret Michaels for being such a calm and brave boy, and to our vet team for their quick thinking. Little man is now on the road to recovery, and Bret Michaels is waiting patiently for his forever family!,” Nebraska Humane Society said on Facebook.

The frontman of Poison, Bret Michaels got word of the dog Bret Michaels’ story and contacted the Nebraska Humane Society to adopt him, the humane society said, according to KETV.

“Word got around to THE Bret Michaels who loved the story and wanted to chat with us. One phone call later and guess who’s gonna be living the rock star life from here on out? That’s right! Bret Michaels (the man) is adopting Bret Michaels (the dog),” Nebraska Humane Society said on Facebook. “We can’t wait to see how he thrives in his new home, we just hope it doesn’t get too confusing when someone tells Bret Michaels to fetch!”

“I could not have been more touched and more honored to adopt Bret Michaels the husky, knowing that he gave blood to save the life of a kitten,” Bret Michaels said in a statement to People Magazine. “I could not work fast enough to adopt this husky and extend the awesome quality of little Bret Jr.’s life.” He is currently on his Parti-Gras tour, according to his website.

“Bret Michaels the human has experience with huskies, and he’s a big fan of them,” said Alec Rose, digital marketing manager at NHS, according to KMTV. “He’s got German shepherds too and they can be pretty similar, so right off the bat he was interested in taking him home.”

The dog, Bret Michaels, is in a foster home until the human, Bret Michaels, is able to pick him up, the news outlet reported.

As for the kitten who has been given the name Thorn, Nebraska Humane Society says he is doing well. Thorn and his siblings have a few weeks to go before they can get adopted. However, according to KMTV, his adoption fees have already been sponsored.

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