Cat who loves to sit on horses reunited with family after three years

GENESEO, Ill. — Three years after a cat disappeared from an Illinois family’s home, they have found the missing animal a mere five miles away, thanks to the cat’s odd affinity for sitting on horses.

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Ann Kandis said her cat, Noodles, jumped into the trunk of her father’s car in November 2018, jumping out and running off when he opened the trunk down the road having heard a noise, The Quad-City Times reported.

The family posted notices hoping to be reunited with Noodles, but it wasn’t until Kandis found a post on Facebook showing a photo of a cat sitting on a horse that she was able to track the animal down, The Associated Press reported.

Kandis messaged the woman, who still had the cat, and went to meet them. The animal immediately ran up to them when they arrived, The Quad-City Times reported.

Noodles had found his way approximately five miles down the road, and made himself at home, settling in with a new family, including horse friends, and a new name: Max, The Quad-City Times reported. Kandis said she and her son decided to let Noodles stay at his new home. “He’s the only barn cat there, and I thought it would be too traumatic. … He’s got a good gig, and she is taking good care of him. I have visitation rights. I didn’t bring him home because I know he’s being well cared for and they’re very good people,” Kandis told the newspaper.